One 3D-printed NAS wasn't enough, so I printed two more!
12 June 2024

I reached out to a creator of 3D-printable computer cases, makerunit, to ask if he was interested in designing a 3D-printed NAS case. And before I knew it, he designed two fantastic DIY NAS cases!

I bought another 3D printer, the Bambu Labs P1S
24 April 2024

My two 3D printer arrangement didn't quite work out because the Prusa MK3 couldn't keep up with my Bambu Labs X1C Combo. I solved this problem by buying another Bambu Labs 3D printer!

A little bit of DIY NAS and 3D-printing shenanigans
19 February 2024

Increasing the capacity of my NAS by 3D-Designing and 3D-printing a drive caddy for 4x 2.5" SSDs. Is an all flash DIY NAS in my future?

My journey to a new 3D Printer: the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon
07 June 2023

I got tired of waiting for my 5-tool Prusa XL pre-order to be honored, so I started shopping around for my next printer.

Printing and Assembling the MK735, a 3D-Printed DIY NAS Case
12 June 2019

As promised, I printed and assembled the MK735 DIY NAS Case for my own use. I share my thoughts on the entire process.

What about a 3D-Printed Mini-ITX NAS Case?
20 March 2019

My review of the MK735, a 3D-printed DIY NAS case which is hands-down the most impressive NAS case or 3D-printed item I've come across!

Creating a Cooling Duct for the SilverStone DS380B
17 April 2017

After I noticed the HDDs getting really hot in the SilverStone DS380B, I 3D-designed and 3D-printed a cooling duct.