A little bit of DIY NAS and 3D-printing shenanigans
19 February 2024

Increasing the capacity of my NAS by 3D-Designing and 3D-printing a drive caddy for 4x 2.5" SSDs. Is an all flash DIY NAS in my future?

My journey to a new 3D Printer: the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon
07 June 2023

I got tired of waiting for my 5-tool Prusa XL pre-order to be honored, so I started shopping around for my next printer.

Printing and Assembling the MK735, a 3D-Printed DIY NAS Case
12 June 2019

As promised, I printed and assembled the MK735 DIY NAS Case for my own use. I share my thoughts on the entire process.

What about a 3D-Printed Mini-ITX NAS Case?
20 March 2019

My review of the MK735, a 3D-printed DIY NAS case which is hands-down the most impressive NAS case or 3D-printed item I've come across!

Creating a Cooling Duct for the SilverStone DS380B
17 April 2017

After I noticed the HDDs getting really hot in the SilverStone DS380B, I 3D-designed and 3D-printed a cooling duct.