Brian's TW2002 Game Server

Some basic information about Brian's Tradewars Game Server (TWGS) for playing the classic space-trading door game, Tradewars 2002

Brian's TW2002 Game Server
Brian’s TWGS Info

Bulletin board systems (BBSes) were my gateway into online gaming in the late 80s and early 90s. At 2400 baud over a phone line, it was a much different experience than the kinds of online gaming that I’m doing today. The fact that I could play games with (or against) people from all around my area code grabbed my attention and has kept my attention ever since. My favorite of those games was Trade Wars 2002, a topic that I covered in a blog not too long ago and since publishing that blog, I’ve beein running my own Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS).


Game Name Description Big Bang Date
A Vanilla TW2002 Slightly tweaked default TW2002 settings. 250 turns, 1000 sectors, enhanced Terran reproductive rate, and delayed ether probe speed.  07/30/2023 


Feel free to use this web-based javascript telnet client to connect to the TWGS server, but I’d strongly, strongly, strongly suggest using an honest-to-goodness telnet client to play. I imagine that just about any Telnet client will do the trick. However, if you get real serious about playing, specialized telnet clients exist just for TWGS! My current favorite is SWATH and I definitely recommend it.

Past Winners

Game A (Vanilla TW2002)

  • Putnam (11/04/2018)
  • Putnam (02/01/2020)
  • Putnam (07/29/2023)