ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

For almost two weeks now I’ve been shivering figuratively in anticipation that one of my friends, family, readers or someone completely random would throw down the ice bucket challenge. Which my Home Depot bucket has been anticipating nearly as much as I have been. Finally said challenge was issued by my dearly beloved sister, Amy this Friday night. Now I get to shiver for real!

Most importantly, I made a donation to the ALS Association and I urge you all to head over there and make a donation regardless if you’ve been challenged yet. Without further ado, I present my fulfillment of Amy’s ALS Ice Bucket challenge:


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In keeping with the familial theme inspired by Amy, I’m calling you out cousins! Let’s see your Ice Bucket Challenge donations and hopefully videos in the next 24 hours!

You three have 24 hours! For each of you that complete the challenge and share on Facebook/Twitter, I’ll match your donation! Just message me the details and I’ll make a second donation in your honor!