Plano Balloon Festival 2013

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Plano Balloon Festival 2013

Each fall, at the Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano, TX the city hosts the Plano Balloon Festival. Oak Point Nature Preserve is within walking distance of our house and we’re frequent visitors there for walks with our dog, Crockett, but we’ve never actually attended before. My parents were in town for the weekend and their visit was a great reason to check out the festival. We got up for the early morning launch at 7:00 AM on Sunday had a very nice time.

We saw a number of hot-air balloons launch from Oak Point Nature preserve and then a few that launched elsewhere that came in to land. Each of the incoming balloons threw bean bags at a large “X” taped on the ground as part of the Balloon Fly-in Competition it was pretty impressive that each of the pilots were able to get their balloons in throwing distance of that spot. One of the RE/MAX balloons dropped its bean bag from its “cruising” altitude before heading off with the other balloons that launched ahead of it, they nearly scored a direct hit!

We certainly enjoyed the festival, being within walking distance I feel a bit silly that we haven’t gone before. In the upcoming years, I predict we’ll make our way out to watch future festivals.